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How will your experience at our casino be a little different than you might be used to?

We will be fully complying with the State of Louisiana Phase one re-opening for casinos.  This means:

  1.  All employees will be wearing masks.

  2.  If you choose to wear a mask, you will be required to pull it down briefly to allow for ID check.

  3. No one will be allowed to sit at a video poker machine closer than 6’ (feet) to another person regardless of whether or not you are in the same family, party, or car group.

  4. You will be required by the State to read and verify no symptoms according to the CDC’s COVID19 questionnaire.

  5. Entry onto the gaming floor will be through the restaurant entrance only.  You may exit from any of the exits.

  6. No one will be allowed to congregate in groups, and you must practice social distancing while on this premises.


We appreciate your patronage and hope you have a great time with us today.

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